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Information for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Applications are welcome from eligible candidates for admission to the BDS degree at the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Please note the following categories of applicants and the relevant application procedures:

(A) Joint University Programmes Admission System (JUPAS) Applicants

The scheme is for local secondary school students applying for admission on the strength of results obtained at the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE):
Current secondary school students in local schools sitting for the HKDSE in 2014 (referred to as school applicants); or “non-school applicants” but are applying for admission on the strength of HKDSE results should apply for admission to the HKU Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme through the JUPAS.  Details can be found at the JUPAS website.

Additional BDS programme entrance requirements for JUPAS (HKDSE) candidates:
Level 4 or above in English and Level 3 or above in Mathematics and Liberal Studies.
One elective subject at Level 3 or above from the following:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, or Integrated Science.

Candidates who are, at the time of application, already enrolled in a full-time or sandwich bachelor's degree programme in JUPAS participating institutions other than HKU should apply through the Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme, regardless of whether they are applying on the strength of the HKDSE results.

(B) Non-JUPAS Applicants

Applicants who are

  1. non-local candidates (these include those candidates who require a student visa to study in Hong Kong); or
  2. local candidates who DO NOT require a student visa to study in Hong Kong and who are applying for admission to HKU on the strength of qualifications other than HKDSE (Note: local candidates at international schools or local schools in Hong Kong must have completed at least 6 years of secondary education by September 2014); or
  3. Associate Degree/Higher Diploma (i.e. sub-degree) graduates (or those who expect to obtain such a qualification by August 2014);

are welcome to apply for admission to the BDS programme through the  Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme.  Information on University entrance requirements (UERs), application procedures, and the application form are accessible from the HKU website.  Please note that the BDS programme does not set additional programme entrance requirements on top of UERs.

There are no fixed quotas for non-JUPAS applicants. The number of students to be admitted is dependent on the number and quality of students applying each year from both the JUPAS and non-JUPAS schemes.

The closing date for applications for admission in September 2014 through the non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme is 30 December 2013.

HKU Fast-track Admissions

This year, HKU will operate a Fast-track admissions scheme whereby candidates with especially good academic results and/or other achievements may be offered a place at the University before other applicants are considered.  Candidates who have particularly impressive results and regard HKU as their first choice would be advised to apply via Fast-track.  The deadline for Fast-track admissions is 15 November 2013.

Under Fast-track, it is intended that offers will be made around January 2014.  Candidates who are not selected or shortlisted during fast-track admissions, their applications will be considered further in the main round exercise.

Applications without proper and complete documentation of education and qualifications can only be considered according to the normal schedule.

For enquiries on the BDS programme, please e-mail to the Faculty of Dentistry at dental@hku.hk.

Enquiries in relation to application procedures, documentation, fees, scholarships, and University entrance requirements should be directed to admissions@hku.hk.

For more information on dental studies at the HKU Faculty of Dentistry, please download our booklet “Studying Dentistry in Hong Kong”.


Please note:

  1. The terms "3-Year Curriculum" and "4-Year Curriculum" in the HKU and JUPAS websites correspond to "5-Year Curriculum" (intake no longer available) and "6-Year Curriculum", respectively, at the HKU Faculty of Dentistry.
  2. The BDS programme is conducted in English.
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